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Congratulations Dr. Devaine Pressing!
May 1, 2017, 11:05 pm
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Kata successfully defended her PhD thesis on chromium catalysts for CO2 and epoxide copolymerization. Many thanks to her examination committee: Mike Katz and Sunil Pansare (MUN) and Arjan Kleij (Tarragona).

Congrats Marcus!
April 25, 2017, 1:37 pm
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A former BSc (Honours) student from the Kerton group Dr. Marcus Drover has been recognized as a 2017 Resnick Prize Postdoctoral Scholar for his current research at Caltech under the supervision of Prof. Jonas Peters.  Congratulations on all of your remarkable achievements Marcus!


There’s no place quite like Newfoundland
April 17, 2017, 4:07 pm
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Our University is the easternmost one in N.America. We are situated in ‘iceberg alley’ so our spring is a little bit later than elsewhere in Canada. However, we are treated to nature’s spectacle, which cannot be seen so easily anywhere else in the world. We are truly blessed to live, study and work in such a unique location.

Here are a couple of photos of the green chem profs this past Easter weekend.

Good luck in your exams everyone and have a wonderful summer of research and adventure.

New Kerton Group Paper
April 17, 2017, 4:01 pm
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Yi’s paper on transformations of our platform molecule 3A5AF, which can be obtained from N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine (the monomer of chitin from crustacean shells), is available as an ASAP article in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. Congrats to all the students involved

Y. Liu, C. Staehler, J. N. Murphy, B. J. Furlong, and F. M. Kerton, “Formation of a renewable amine and an alcohol via transformations of 3-acetamido-5-acetylfuran”, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering,  Just Accepted Manuscript, DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.7b00323


Congrats George, Kori and Erika
March 30, 2017, 10:44 pm
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Three of our graduate students will be participating in the ACS Summer School on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Energy 2017. They will be traveling to Colorado in June to explore scientific solutions to global sustainability challenges. Congratulations! We are sure you will enjoy this as much as all previous graduates of this world-class program and learning experience.

Congratulations Dr. Alhashmialameer
March 7, 2017, 4:22 pm
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Drs. Kerton and Kozak feature on St. John’s Morning Show, CBC Radio
February 14, 2017, 5:20 pm
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The bosses were interviewed for a special Valentine’s edition of the St. John’s Morning Show. Thank you to Krissy Holmes for the interview and visiting our lab. If you want to listen, it is available here:

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