Green Chemistry @ MUN


We will be moving into the New Core Sciences Facility in 2020 (shown below in September 2018).  Building progress can be followed on this site:


Our main laboratory was refurbished during 2007-8:

View of right-handside of C5006 (fumehoods, 2 benches and third workstation are out of sight/behind camera)

Some of the equipment in the MUN Centre for Green Chemistry and Catalysis includes:

  • 3  Double-Station Inert Atmosphere workstations –  all equipped with freezers, vacuum supply – one equipped with fiber-optic feedthroughs to UV-Vis and Near-IR spectrometers.
  • 1 Single-Station Inert Atmosphere workstation (with vacuum supply)

Justin working in a glove box

  • Two microwave synthesizers (Anton Paar Synthos and Biotage Initiator)

Biotage Initiator 8 and Eppendorf centrifuge

  • Our own Agilent GC-MS, Viscotek GPC (aqueous phase), Agilent LC with Wyatt MALS, RI and viscometry detector GPC (organic phase)

Agilent GC-MS

Viscotek GPC (for Polymer analysis)

2014-02-12 15.25.14

Agilent/Wyatt GPC


  • A suite of high-pressure facilities including three Parr pressure vessels and SFT – phase monitor

Pressure Vessel

Supercritical Fluid Phase Monitor

  • Mettler-Toledo React-IR system, for in situ reaction monitoring


    Parr Reactor with SiComp ATR Window and React-IR Spectrometer

  • A range of general and specialised laboratory equipment including 9 Schlenk lines, 1 high-vacuum line, Solvent Purification System, equipment for parallel synthesis (incl. Carousel and GreenHouse reactors), equipment for organic synthesis (incl. 3 Rotavaps, Biotage Isolera Flash Chromatography system)

Solvent Purification System

Radleys Carousel Reactor set up in glove box

Rotavaps (equipped with chiller, diaphragm pump and vacuum controller)

Flash Chromatography System

  • There is more equipment in our group than we have space to show here! For example, UV-Vis/Near-IR spectrometer, Ultrasound probe and ultrasound bath, Shakers/Ball-mill, and of course lots of glassware/stirrer-hotplates etc.
  • Dr. Kozak and Dr. Kerton (and other Chemistry professors)  have also contributed equipment to CREAIT/C-CART. This means they are accessible to students throughout the University. This includes:

Multinuclear 300 MHz NMR spectrometer (semi-automated)

TA instruments Q500 Thermogravimetric Analyzer

Mettler-Toledo Differential Scanning Calorimeter

We also use a 500 MHz NMR spectrometer (mainly for VT, homodecoupling and HSQC experiments) and students collaborate with Celine Schneider on more detailed NMR projects incl. Solid-State and Diffusion Studies. Co-authored publications to come soon!

Researchers also have access to excellent X-ray diffraction facilities (both powder and single-crystal) through CREAIT. Many papers published by the group are co-authored with our collaborator Dr. Louise Dawe (former C-CART X-ray Crystallographer).

There is also a very well-equipped chromatography and mass spectrometry lab within C-CART. Researchers have hands-on access to another GC-MS, as well as MALDI-TOF/TOF-MS, CE-MS and LC-MS (ion trap and quad) instruments. Linda Winsor, the mass spectrometry specialist, runs high-res mass spec on samples as required.

If you have any questions about our lab or our ability to access certain instrumentation – do not hesitate to contact Dr. Kozak or Dr. Kerton.


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