Green Chemistry @ MUN


The Green Chemistry and Catalysis Group at Memorial University was established in September 2005. It consists of researchers under the supervision of Dr. Fran Kerton and Dr. Chris Kozak. Research areas currently under investigation include: Transformations of bio-sourced molecules using alternative solvents and catalysts; New iron based catalyst systems; Use of carbon dioxide as a solvent and as a reagent; Recyclable catalyst systems.

Fran Kerton

Fran Kerton with her ‘ MUN Research Report Big Shot Image’ in the Science Building

The group currently (Feb 2016) consists of 14 graduate students (Five Canadian, Three Chinese, One Saudi, One St. Lucian, One Greek, One Hungarian, One Libyan and One Bangladeshi). Dr. Kerton is also co-supervising an environmental science PhD student (Canadian) and an interdisciplinary PhD student (German). We normally have several undergrads working with us too. Get in touch if you are interested in an NSERC USRA position during Summer 2016. We have projects available for honours students too.

Our main laboratories were extensively refurbished and new instrumentation acquired during the past few years. More photos will be available soon, or come and visit us! New equipment (new GPC and Mettler-Toledo React-IR)  was installed recently.


For recent publications by either Francesca M. Kerton or Christopher M. Kozak and co-workers, please visit the publication pages linked on the left-hand side of this page/blog.


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