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Dr. Kerton pre-doctorate…
November 4, 2016, 1:18 pm
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One of Dr. Fran Kerton’s friends from her grad student days has found the archived website for the Lawless group. Fran did her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Gerry Lawless at the University of Sussex from 1995-1999. This website appears to be from 1996 so is 20 years old!  The very early days of the internet

Fran’s photo, as a new grad student then, is beneath the larger group photo. She was the only woman in the group!

Fran did research on organometallic chemistry and polymerizations. She published 2 papers from her PhD but had data for a lot, lot more, which can be found in her thesis. In addition to her published work on polypyrrole synthesis in supercritical carbon dioxide and on the first structurally-authenticated titanocene, she had results on zirconium, manganese, tin and silicon cyclopentadienyl compounds (and ethylene polymerization using Zr-Cp comlexes), titanium 47/49 multinuclear NMR (and Si and Sn NMR data) and ytterbium amide/cyclopentadientyl chemistry.


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