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GreenCentre Canada in-licenses catalyst technology developed at Memorial Green Chemistry and Catalysis Group
April 30, 2013, 6:45 pm
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GreenCentre has recently in-licensed a catalyst technology from Memorial University and University of Prince Edward Island capable of producing well-defined polymers and fine chemical compounds. Iron-containing catalysts synthesized by the Kozak group at Memorial are being further developed by partners at GreenCentre for use in synthetic chemistry that can potentially be used in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Also, these catalysts have been used by Prof. Mike Shaver and his group, our collaborators at University of Prince Edward Island, to mediate radical-initiated polymerization reactions. Iron, being an inexpensive, abundant and benign metal, is hoped to enhance the sustainability of manufacturing of high-value compounds.


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[…] GreenCentre Canada has just announced their Top 10 News Stories of 2013 and research from the MUN Green Chemistry and Catalysis Group made number 7 on their list. GreenCentre Canada is a commercialization centre that partners academic research in green chemistry with industrial partners for bringing the technology to market. Technology developed by us, in partnership with colleagues at University of Prince Edward Island, was in-licensed by GreenCentre. You can read more about our iron catalysts for radical-mediated polymerization and carbon-carbon cross-coupling here and here. […]

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