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Khaled and Jess’ research in the April top ten!

Congratulations to Khaled on his Departmental Seminar yesterday.

He received two bits of exciting news today:

1) His research on the production of levulinic acid and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural has made it into the top ten most accessed articles in Green Chemistry for April 2012.

2) His full paper on the formation of an amidofuran from N-acetyl D-glucosamine has been accepted for publication in the prestigious journal ChemSusChem. (Impact Factor, 6.3). In this work, we note that the presence of main-group elements (B & Cl) in your feedstock can have a significant effect on the reaction outcomes.

Also, congratulations to Linda (one of our DAAD RISE summer researchers who visited our group in summer 2011) – who is a co-author on the ChemSusChem paper.

Chemicals from Fishery waste


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Congratulations, Khaled !

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